Each Pregnant With A Purpose gathering is unique to the area we hold the event.

Studies are done to determine the needs of the individuals in the community.  Partnerships are birthed with local businesses, churches and other entities to maximize outreach to the community.

Pregnant with a Purpose: General Conference

Once the needs assessment is complete our team will address issues such as:

* families in need of food bank services
* clothing needs
* personal hygiene

We will distribute to each individual in attendance food, clothing and other necessities. (Food distribution is based upon the travel distance to the conference.)

Pregnant With A Purpose is broken down into three categories of gatherings:

*  PWP for the general public
*  PWP for Leadership
*  PWP Retreats
Pregnant With a Purpose:  Leadership
Pregnant with a Purpose for leadership is designed with leaders in mind.  Our goal is to address issues that directly affect leadership in churches, ministries, businesses etc through:

* Spiritual Renewal
* Economic Empowerment
* Leadership Retreats

Pregnant With A Purpose:  Retreats
Our retreats are designed for spiritual growth, education, relaxation, and recreation. The retreat area offers a comfortable and secure environment where your Christian faith can grow, be established or strengthened.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28
There is destiny
inside of you!

Today marks the time to deliver and begin to push out your dreams. You are pregnant with a purpose!

Your future is not in front of you. Your future is inside of YOU! NOW is the time to birth it and bless the world.

All it takes is your committed mindset, determination, and an undaunted will to push and press beyond life’s limitations. God created us to fulfill an assignment on this earth.

Your life is marked by what you grab hold of this weekend and allow into your life in order to transform you to a greater place of purpose and promise.